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Ode to Eve Casson.

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I like Eve.


♥ I like her because even though she's scatterbrained, she's true to herself and loves everyone. I'm a lot like that.


♥ I like that she and her sister have always shared everything, including her husband, and now the children are all one big family.


♥ Maybe I don't like the idea of having children, but if I did have them, I expect I would be that sort of mother. Oh, but someone else would have to do the diapers. And the vomit. But I'd happily stick them in scented baths and teach them how to be decadent little darlings.


♥ Maybe I'm best suited to being an auntie, only I won't die like Linda did in the books.


♥ I have no idea what was supposed to come next. See first heart.